Fridge flat (Natural Gas). Press campaign announcement for «Natural Gas» with my Tiempo BBDO creative team. Copy: … or you’re … Más


Coco (Natural Gas). TV advertising announcement for «Natural Gas» with my Tiempo BBDO creative team. «Well, of course we’ve noticed … Más

Press office.

With this service, I help clients to advertise in all kind of communication media (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.).  These are some … Más


«Grandmother» (Natural Gas). Her: Hello? Him: Is that the Red family residence? Her: Yes, that’s us. Him: I’ve got some … Más


Fonda Xesc. In collaboration with     Dreamhunters. In collaboration with   Todo sobre el beso. … Más

Graphic design.

Fundació Vella Terra Catalogue. Design, photos and layout of Fundació Vella Terra catalogue (Click on the image to see the … Más

Personal initiatives. The dream of going from Barcelona to Sydney riding a bike in a quest to search other people dreams. Founder of … Más


Todo sobre el beso (All about the kiss). Do you know the best technique to give a kiss? Do you … Más


Fundació Map stand. Fundació Map stand.   Welcome carpets. Ripoll Town Hall carpet (Welcome home / Welcome to Ripoll).       … Más