Todo sobre el beso (All about the kiss).


Do you know the best technique to give a kiss? Do you want to get a kiss from a stranger with only 3 questions? Do you know that the one who suffers from filemaphobia is afraid to give or receive a kiss? Do you know what are the most common mistakes at the time of kissing?

All this and more is what answers “Todo sobre el beso” (All about the kiss), published by Plataforma Editorial, a book that tells all the secrets about kissing.






Jocs malabars (Juggling fires).


A writer who wants to publish a book about a man who involuntarily suffers 100 orgasms a day. A girl that only has one goal in her life: making love with a black man. A judge issues a spiritual search warrant to a routine woman. A seducer who reveals his secret to last more time during sex. This and other stories that burns at brain’s author are a reflection of his intimate, sweet and perverse side.



Sueños a todo gas (Dreams at full throttle).


We all have lots of dreams, but there’s one that is never fades. Always there, by daytime we think about it and by night we dream it. It’s a dream that’s always spinning in our head like a ballet dancer.

We have two dreams that dance at the same rhythm: bike traveling and Australia. That’s why we quitted our job, sold our car, TV, furniture, bicycle and other belongings, we’ve sought for sponsors and partners to bet on this project (without them it’d been impossible), and then we rode our bike to travel the road from Barcelona to Sydney crossing over 20 countries.

This is our dream, but we want to know the dreams of the people. Thus during the road, we’d be asking people to share their dreams with us, and we’ll share them while we narrate our dream. It’d be like having dozens of dreams within a dream, or like jumping from one dream to another, while we arrive to our final destination. This way we’ll get to know the world and its cultures through the dreams of its inhabitants.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. In our case, with a blow of gas. We don’t really mind that we still do not see the full path. If there is one, we’ll find it, and if there is not, we’ll create it. Today we take our first step and the rest of the path will appear as we go. Do you come along?



Las frases de Rajoy, de Mister Awful (Rajoy sentences, by Mister Awful).


Las frases de Rajoy” is not just a book, is an experience, a fast smile in your face. It’s like a mirror, like a present, like an album. This book is just a chance to get a good time thanks to Mr. Mariano Rajoy, one of the greatest Presidents of Spain of all times.






Cartells de casament (Wedding posters).


It is a known tradition in spanish villages to hang posters of neighbors who are getting married. This is a collection of all the posters I have recollected during years. Maybe you know some of the people who appears on it, or even you could be one of them!




El sexo de la “A” a la “Z” (Sex, from “A” to “Z”).


How many types of penises exist? Have you tasted the beer with taste to vagina? How does a dolphin masturbate? What are the most common mistakes of men during sex? Do you suffer the “syndrome of death”? How many types of orgasms can a woman have?

Published by Editorial Tuctuc, All this and more is what answers “El sexo de la -A- a la -Z-” (Sex, from -A- to -Z-), the most complete sexual dictionary.






A book has never shaped so well the “silence” concept.



Citas encadenadas (Chained quotes).


Citas encadenadas” (chained quotes), published by Penombra d’Argent, is a puzzle formed by more than one thousand five hundred proverbs and quotes all over the world and all over the times. Here appears different thoughts from Platon, Shakespeare, Neruda, Groucho Marx or even Homer Simpson. Placed next to each other become a famous giant quote that tells a simple story of love and life in general.